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Alternative Lines Bring Interesting Angle to Sports Betting

alt line betting

August 24th 2020

Many American sports bettors are new to the sports betting game. That’s because until a few years ago, sports betting was not legal. Now that it is legal in many states, the new sports bettors are learning about point spreads, money lines, totals, parlay and teasers.

Some sportsbooks offer variations on these main types of betting though. One option is called an “alternative line”, “alternative spread” or simply “alt line”.  This is when a sportsbooks will offer a completely different line than the standard line but with a much different moneyline payout attached. For instance lets say the Miami Dolphins are -7 vs the Bills. An alt line that a sportsbook may put out would be Miami Dolphins -14 (+300). Or reversely, Miami Dolphins -3 (-270).

The alt line also works for moneyline bets too. Today, FanDuel is posting an insane over-the-top alt line of Lakers +81 (-10000). The purpose of these odds is to really garner attention or maybe even get the guy with a ton of money in his account to risk it all for a shot at a measly payout.  Whatever the motivation, the odds exist and can be bet right now.

Here is a funny tweet from someone on Twitter talking about this very line:


He goes on to say “For reference, the biggest blowout in NBA history is 68 points back in 1991. So, you’ve got history on your side here.”

Would you bet $10,000 to win $100? Is it even worth it?


photo from https://www.republicworld.com/

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