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Broncos Become First NFL Team to Partner with a Sportsbook

FanDuel acquires BetStars

June 15th 2020

Two years ago seems like forever these days. A lot has happened in that time. The country has all but become unraveled. Coronavirus and massive protests and riots lead the news every night.

In that span of time, sports betting has also become legal and regulated in many states. Colorado is a state that recently embraced sports betting.

Sportsbooks have been keeping their ears to the track and waiting for signs that a pro-football team would be ready to partner with them. Today, that hope became reality when the Denver Broncos inked a deal with FanDuel.

FanDuel is now an official betting partner of the Denver Broncos. And to roll out the welcome mat for Broncos fans, they have created a special one-time bet.

In Week 1, Denver will be +30 (+100) for Colorado residents. The max a bettor can put on this bet is $50. That game sees The Titans visiting the Broncos. The line is not currently available but we figure the Titans will be favored by a FG or so. But if jump on this special bet you will have Denver +30 vs the Titans.

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