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Buccaneers Receiving Most of Super Bowl Action Pre-Season

Brady and the bucs Most Heavily bet team

September 03rd 2020

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just keep getting better. And I am not just talking about in practice. This week they added star RB Leonard Fournette to the backfield. This addition goes with their tremendous offseason which saw the likes of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski join the team.

If Brady and Gronk had a few less years under their belt the Bucs would probably share the top two or three spots with the Chiefs and Ravens a sfar as favorites are concerned. But they have worked their way up from a season start of +2000 odds to win the Super Bowl down to +1400. The increasing odds comes from a combination of the addition of Fournette as well as the fact that they are by far the most heavily bet team. When heavy money rolls in on one team, that shortens the odds (created less of a payout for people who bet it after)

As you can see in the tweet below, the Bucs have been bet huge and its not even close. It will be the most exciting season for the Bucs since 2003, that is for sure.

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