Florida sports betting news


Sports betting is NOT legal in the state of Florida. The state does not have any plans in the works to make sports betting legal.

Jai Alai is legal to be on location in South Florida. The state also has some dog tracks where legal betting on dogs and horse races taking place in other states is legal. However, the citizens have voted to ban dog racing and the practice will be outlawed by the end of 2020.

Finally, the state has casino cruises which go out to international waters for periods of time so that its passengers can bet casino games, including sorts betting if they so choose.


Florida Sports Betting News

William Hill Takes Bets on Jai Alai in Florida

December 20th 2019

Sports betting in the state of Florida largely does not exist. The state had a chance to move forward legislation a few years ago but was shot down by popular vote, one that was encouraged by scores of radio and TV ads funded by Disney and Indian tribes. As with everything there are exceptions. You just have to know where ...

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