Sports betting options for Oregon


Sports betting is legal in Oregon. It is only available through the Oregon State Lottery Company.

The mobile betting platform is called the Scoreboard App


Oregon State Sports Betting News

Sportsbooks Looking to Bounce Back from $43B Hit

May 12th 2020

43 billion dollars - That is the amount of money that wasn't bet on sports since the coronavirus shut everything down.  Restaurants, airlines, hotels and casinos/sportsbooks have felt it the most. In Colorado, they sports betting became legal in the meantime. Absent was the fanfare and celebration of inaugural sports betting opening days of the past.  There was no Governor ...

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Oregon Launches Sports Betting App

October 17th 2019

Oregon's sports betting app (called ScoreBoard) has launched. The program ran into some delays since it was announced earlier this year but apparently is now up and running. The app was produced by SBTech, a company well known in the sports betting world. They have a large list of credentials in the sports betting arena. Oregon approached the sports betting ...

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Oregon to Launch Mobile Sports Betting App

October 02nd 2019

The State of Oregon legalized sports betting over a month ago. As of now, the only sports betting will be done through  state lottery's sports betting app called SCOREBOARD. The company SBTech, from Malta, was hired to manage this project. They already have a presence in five casinos in the U.S. Some of the drawbacks to this development is that ...

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Sports Betting is Back in Oregon

August 03rd 2019

Oregon was one of the four states that were exempt from the former legislation that made illegal to bet on sports. They were "grandfathered in", so to speak. In 2007 sports betting was voluntarily removed by the state leaders. Earlier this year, Oregon announced that they are bringing sports betting back.  But there are some caveats. Sports wagering will be ...

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Despite Opposition, Oregon Inching Closer to Mobile Betting

June 12th 2019

Despite major opposition in Oregon's legislature, experts still think that Oregon will have mobile sports betting by football season. Recently, there were actions made by Oregon  Senator Chuck Riley (D) that would make sports betting by mobile device illegal. The bill passed on May 9th but nothing has happened with it since. Now, Sen. Mark Hass (D) proposed a bill ...

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