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College Football National Championship Odds

Can Jalen Hurts and Oklahoma win the championship?

December 17th 2019

The college football playoffs start in a few weeks. You can now bet the team you think will win it all. There is one real long-shot on the list. That is Jalen Hurts’s Oklahoma team. Bet 100 bucks on them and win  $1400

The other three teams on the board are within 125 of one another. All three are undefeated and really any one of the three could win outright.

There is a case that the college football playoffs have worked thus far in that nobody can argue that one of these four teams doesn’t deserve the national title.

Can Jalen Hurts pull off the big upset and prove to his former coach Nick Saban that he made an error letting him leave? Or, can Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow secure the win and stick it in the face of his former team (Ohio State) that let him walk? Time will tell.

Here are the current moneyline betting odds from online sportsbook Sugar House

LSU +125
Ohio State +250

image from NFLmocks.com

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