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Indiana Loses $125 Million in Sports Bets for March

April 10th 2020

Indiana is one of the more recent places to legalize and regulate sports betting. They were primed and ready to go for March Madness this year when the coronavirus struck. Indiana is a huge basketball state. They love their Hoosiers.  Sportsbooks not only missed out on the conference tournaments but also the NCAA tournament., adding to the list of disasters attributed to the Covid-19 outbreak.

In February, the Hoosier state booked $187M in bets. Playindiana.com analyst Jess Welman commented on the situation: “”The fervor for basketball in Indiana is stronger than it’s going to be in a New Jersey or a Pennsylvania or even a Nevada,” Welman said, “because you’re talking about the most popular location not just with Indiana teams but with surrounding states and teams like Kentucky, Louisville, Illinois and Michigan State all having fan bases in Indiana.”

Indianans cannot bet on esports like some other states can. Their law strictly forbids such activity. So, as we speak Indiana is missing out on that action as well as MLB baseball, NBA basketball and all of the March Madness action.

Image from yogonet.com

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