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Fubo TV Puts Out Sports Betting Feelers

Fubo TV sports betting

November 03rd 2020

Now that sports betting has become legal and regulated in many U.S. states, various companies are looking to get into the game. Many companies already have aligned themselves with sportsbooks to capitalize on their own contacts list.

Yahoo, Verizon, Barstool as well as many others have put themselves into the sports betting arena. Recently, Fubo TV , a streaming service which specializes in sports programming, sent out a feeler email to its members. The survey asked questions like ‘would you be interested in sports betting?” and “how much per month do you think you would gamble on sports?”

Fubo TV is a fast growing service. It is one of the few streaming services that offers the NFL Redzone channel. At the end of last year, they only had about 316,000 subscribers. his year that number is expected to have grown by the millions.

The most likely scenario is that if Fubo moves forward with a sports betting option, it will be through an existing sportsbook but will carry the Fubo name. A company like BetMGM would be the most probable partner.

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