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Huge Win for NBA Bettor at BetMGM

NBA betting 2020

August 05th 2020

The NBA season is back in full swing and it looks like they are doing things the right way. The league is finishing their 2019-2020 season in a bubble located at Disney World in Orlando, FL. Covid has not yet threatened the league like it has MLB.

The return of NBA action also means the return of NBA betting. That is great news for a sports bettor who used BetMGM sportsbook to cash in big. The bettor placed a 5-teamer of all underdogs or even money teams. Among those teams was the Brooklyn Nets at +1300. They defeated the Milwaukee Bucks.

The bettor cleared $52, 876.88 on his five team wager. Below you can see the bets he placed in his parlay as well as the result:

  • Nets +1300 (119-116 over Bucks)
  • Suns +310 (117-115 over the Clippers)
  • Blazers +135 (110-102 over Houston)
  • Heat +135 (112-106 over Boston)
  • Pacers +100 (120-109 over Orlando)
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