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Indiana Sees $34 Million in Bets First Month

Indiana sports betting report September 2019

October 15th 2019

The state of Indiana was open for business (as far as sports betting is concerned) all last month and the numbers are in.

The state’s sportsbooks booked $34.5 million in sports bets which showed a profit of $8.5 million.

Of that $8.5 million about $813,000 was given to the state.

Not surprisingly, a majority of that 35 million was bet on football, $20.7M to be exact. Parlays accounted for $9.7M worth of the wagers. Parlays are always great for the house.  The remaining $3.4M was bet on baseball.

October’s handle is expected to be much higher as mobile betting was launched on October 3rd.

Two Indiana mobile sportsbooks became active on October 3rd, 2019:

Rush Street Interactive

Draftkings Sportsbook

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