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Joe Biden Now Favored to Win Over Trump

Donald Trump Odds to win reelection

June 08th 2020

For those who like to bet politics, this article is for you. The U.S. Presidential election is the most bet political event in the world. Millions of dollars is wagered on this futures bet every four years.

According to a Fox News article, CNN published a poll that shows that U.S. President Donald Trump’s popularity is slipping. It’s results show that only 38 percent of Americans approve of his performance.

Sportsbooks were quick to take notice. European sportsbook BetFair has posted the following odds:

Candidate Odds Implied Prob.
Joe Biden -137 52.6%
Donald Trump +125 40.5%


If you are a Trump backer and are sure he is going to win this election, the +125 price may be too good for you to pass up.

Trump himself doesn’t believe the poll as evidenced by his most recent tweet:

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