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Large Bets Placed on This Weekend’s Football Games

weekend football games big bets

October 09th 2020

Sportsbook William Hill released information today about some of the larger best they received for this weekends college football games.

It’s always fascinating to see where the whales are placing their money. Below we have a list of those bets:

$50,000 wager on Clemson -14

$50,000 wager on Texas A&M +7

$50,000 wager on Oklahoma moneyline (-125)

$50,000 wager on Cleveland Browns +2

$50,000 wager on Dallas -9.5


All these wagers were made at William Hill Nevada. As you may know, William Hill is an international sportsbook that started in the early 1970’s in England. It was just recently bought by Caesars in a massive $2.9B deal.

image from TheState.com

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