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Las Vegas Casinos Submit Plan to ReOpen

When will Las Vegas Reopen?

May 12th 2020

Las Vegas – Nevada – We have seen some industries take a terrible beating from the pandemic, some moreso than others. Arguably one of the most affected industries is the gambling industry and especially that of Las Vegas, which counts of travel, hotels and restaurants as well as casino/sportsbook profits to earn money.

After a well publicized and desperate plea by Las Vegas’ Mayor Carolyn Goodman, the city has crafted a plan to reopen the casinos and follow strict guidelines in order to keep their patrons safe.  The plan must be submitted to the Nevada Gaming Control Board at least seven days before the proposed open.

Here are the guidelines which their proposal suggests will help them maintain a safe environment:

  • Three players per blackjack table
  • Four players per roulette table
  • Four players per poker table
  • Six players per craps table

In addition to these rules, the Casinos must also:

  • Post signs throughout the property on proper hygiene, including proper handwashing, how to cover coughs and sneezes, and to avoid touching their face;
  • Instruct workers to stay home if they are sick;
  • Report on co-workers showing COVID-19 symptoms;
  • Conduct additional cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day;
  • Require employees to wash their hands; and
    Provide personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) for workers.

Businesses are trying to find the right date to open and avoid waiting so long to where the business has to shut down. In the words of Mayor Goodman “when is reopening too soon, too late?”

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