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Maryland Appears to Be on Track to Have Sports Betting

Maryland State

March 10th 2020

It seems that states are all in a race to get a piece of the sports betting pie. One state after another is addressing the issue and seeing if sports betting is a viable way to make more money for their state government. After the Supreme Court struck down existing laws which made sports betting illegal in most states in 2018, state after state has been after the betting revenue.

The most recent state to address this is Maryland. This week the state senate approved a sports betting measure by a vote of 47-0. If passed this would allow sports betting to take place at six casinos, all three race tracks and possibly FedEx Field, home of the Washington Redskins.

Bets could be placed on premises only and could occur at betting kiosks or at ticket counters. The estimated revenue could be about $20M per year by most estimates.

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