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Massachusetts Gaming Commission Approves New Rules For Sports Betting Ads

April 08th 2023

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) has updated its regulations on the promotion of sports betting in the state. Attorney General Andrea Campbell has asked for this to happen. All sportsbook advertising in Massachusetts must now adhere to the new regulations.


The Attorney General’s office wrote to the MGC requesting certain changes to sports betting advertisements. Certain forms of advertising are specifically prohibited per the request. It was also requested that operators be transparent about the use of algorithms and other types of automated decision making on their services.

Campbell also hoped that sportsbooks would provide patrons the option to not receive informational updates or push notifications. The MGC was also asked to outlaw operators paying spokespeople to advocate for certain wagers, which presents a conflict of interest.

Campbell said in an email statement to the media, “although my office supports the sports betting law, we are acutely aware that its deployment to the general market through digital channels — if not done properly — may have addictive and catastrophic impacts.” My office is dedicated to enforcing the highest standards of safety and accountability on all operators and will not hesitate to take action to safeguard customers from any unethical or illegal business activities.


The MGC has already announced one modification, which will clarify affiliate marketing laws and rules. Using cost-per-acquisition models, sportsbooks may collaborate with advertisers. Yet, the laws forbid operators and marketers from entering into a profit sharing arrangement.

Thomas Mills, the Gaming Commission’s director of communications, explained that while the new rules would permit businesses to work with marketers on what is known as cost-per-acquisition, they would not permit businesses to work with marketers and provide those individuals with revenue based on how much gambling someone does.

The MGC has also discussed the procedures in place to prevent ads being aimed at minors. Any advertisements for sports betting in the state of Massachusetts must carry these disclaimers.

All sports betting advertisements now include language encouraging responsible gambling. The MGC has pounded home the point that local literature sold in the market must adhere to these standards.

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