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MLB Early Action Report

MLB 2020 betting report

July 22nd 2020

Major League baseball opening day is tomorrow in case you didn’t know. There will be two games played tomorrow night and then a bunch of games played Friday.

The season will be a shortened season of 60 regular season games. Games will be played without fans in attendance in order avoid spreading the coronavirus.

There has already been a flurry of bets at various sportsbooks around the United States. Earlier today, one bettor placed a $10,000 single game wager on the NY Yankees -125 at the defending champ Washington Nationals. The bet was placed at MGM in Mississippi. The moneyline for that game has since moved to -134.

We asked William Hill what team was bet the least this season to win the World Series and they said that honor belongs to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Yankees and the Dodgers are currently getting the most action.


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