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Nevada and New Jersey Lead States in Sports Betting Handle

Nevada sports betting report

December 01st 2019

Betting handle is basically the total amount of money wagered in regards to sports betting. It is no surprise that Nevada, where sports betting has been legal for many decades, usually holds the handle record. A few months ago, New Jersey jumped ahead of Nevada in total handle during the “off months”. But Nevada has secured its number one overall handle title again.

Sports betting reports for the month of October show that Nevada booked a total of $544M in bets. New Jersey was able to book an impressive $488M in bets. NJ is packed densely with avid sports fans and sports bettors alike. They also led the charge to get sports betting legalized in the USA. So the demand was apparent.

As more states put laws on the books approving and regulating sports betting it is possible that they may chip into New Jersey’s and Nevada’s total handle. It is not certain if this will be the case.

One thing is for certain: as word and activity spreads within these states, the numbers will continue to grow. New Jersey alone is up almost 500% in handle over this same period last year.


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