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New Jersey Total Betting Handle Eclipses 6 Billion Dollar Mark

New Jersey sportsbook

February 12th 2020

Sports betting is legal and regulated in some states and as a result they have detailed reports of action from each and every sportsbook.

From June of 2018 until now, New Jersey sportsbooks have taken a total of $6.31B in betting action (handle).  Last month alone, New Jersey booked more than half a billion dollars in wagers. This is a monumental number for a single state in the Northeast and is rivaled by only Nevada.

We interviewed an anonymous gambler in the state of New Jersey who had this to say “The betting has always been here.  It’s just now gone from the streets and your local bookie to legit sportsbooks online. I never thought I’d see this day come.”

It will be interesting to see how the numbers change, if at all, as states surrounding New Jersey legalize sports betting. My guess is that New Jersey receives a good amount of action from states surrounding it that have not yet legalized sports betting.

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