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NFL Season Win Totals Betting Report

NFL season win totals betting report

August 27th 2020

The NFL season is just a few weeks away. Teams are in training camp and rosters are being set up.

Sportsbooks have been busy with futures bets for NFL teams. Among these bets are season win totals. This is where you can bet over or under a team win total set by the sportsbook.

If you feel like you have a really good bead on a team and how they will perform and that the number issued is high or low, you can really rake in some extra dough. The only drawback of course is that the sportsbooks sits on your money through the entire regular season.

The kind folks over at William Hill have published the top bet team win totals of this season. Listed below are the top five teams bet for both tickets and total dollars.

Total Tickets

BuffaloOver 993%
ArizonaOver 790%
SeattleOver 9.585%
Denver Over 7.584%
MiamiOver 675%

Money Wagered

DenverOver 989%
PittsburghOver 986%
SeattleOver 9.586%
IndianapolisOver 983%
TennesseeOver 8.582%

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