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NFL Super Bowl Odds After Week 2

NFL Super Bowl Odds favor Patriots

September 21st 2019

The NFL season is only two games in and people feel like they have a perfect read on the season. The strange thing about sports bettors is that they take a tiny sample and decide that is how the entire season will play out. That is one of the many reasons so many sports bettors don’t do well long term.

Another funny behavior sports bettors exhibit is that they base much of their betting choices on the previous week. The cliche “what have you done for me lately?” comes to mind when describing this phenomenon.

With that said, the sportsbooks have adjusted their Super Bowl Odds based on the bets that have flooded in after game 2. Below you can see the current Super Bowl odds right before the week 3 games are played. According to the odds  (as well as the way people have bet them) The Dolphins are going 0-16 and the Patriots will win the Super Bowl. It is very possible that neither of those things will happen.

New England Patriots+325
Kansas City Chiefs+700
Los Angeles Rams+700
Dallas Cowboys+1200
Green Bay Packers+1200
Chicago Bears+1600
Philadelphia Eagles+1600
Baltimore Ravens+2000
Cleveland Browns+2000
Los Angeles Chargers+2000
Minnesota Vikings+2000
New Orleans Saints+2000
San Francisco 49ers+2000
Seattle Seahawks+2000
Houston Texans+2500
Atlanta Falcons+3300
Buffalo Bills+5000
Indianapolis Colts+5000
Pittsburgh Steelers+5000
Tennessee Titans+5000
Detroit Lions+6600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+6600
Carolina Panthers+8000
Jacksonville Jaguars+10000
New York Giants+10000
Arizona Cardinals+12500
Denver Broncos+15000
Cincinnati Bengals+25000
New York Jets+25000
Washington Redskins+25000
Miami Dolphins+100000

image by FoxNews.com

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