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Ohio – House Passes Sports Betting Bill

sports betting in Ohio

May 30th 2020

Not quite legal but almost there – That’s how one might describe Ohio’s sports betting situation.

House Bill 194, a bill that has been moving around in the house for a year, was just passed. The law would legalize sports betting and place it under the jurisdiction of the state lottery. It would take 10% of the profits for the state.

The bill would allow mobile betting, an important factor for a truly successful sports betting campaign. The bill passed by a vote of 83-10.

Democratic State Rep. Brigid Kelley, a bill sponsor, said the following: “So Ohioans who want to wager on sports have to go spend their money somewhere else in another state,” she said. “Well it’s either that or they call ‘their guy,’ or that’s how I understand it. But we can change that.”

Stay tuned to see if this bill will be in fact made into law. Ohio is a rich place for sports. They boast some of the most popular programs in the county. The Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns and of course Ohio State are some of the most wagered teams in the nation. They also have other popular teams like the Cleveland Cavs, Cincinnati Reds and the Cincinnati Bearcats.

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