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Oregon to Launch Mobile Sports Betting App

Oregon sports betting news

October 02nd 2019

The State of Oregon legalized sports betting over a month ago. As of now, the only sports betting will be done through  state lottery’s sports betting app called SCOREBOARD.

The company SBTech, from Malta, was hired to manage this project. They already have a presence in five casinos in the U.S.

Some of the drawbacks to this development is that sports bettors in that state will only be able to bet on professional sports leagues. There wil be no betting on college sports. This is unfortunate for serious sports bettors as it is typically believed that college football and college basketball is slightly easier to handicap than pro.

Oregon had this project in the works for some time. The hold up came from pressure by tribal casinos. They essentially want a monopoly on betting of all kinds and it was only natural for them to fight these development.

Note: Photo is of Portland, Oregon

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