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PGA Championship Odds and Action Report

Brooks Koepka odds

August 05th 2020

Golf ratings and betting action have been very good for sportsbooks this year as much of the world is still on work hiatus. Not only that, but the competition levels and parity among the top golfers is at an apex.

The PGA Championship is a golf “major”. It begins this week. In this article we will display the current betting odds as well as an action report provided by BetMGM.

GolferOdds% of bets% of action
B. Koepka+10007.85%14.23%
J. Thomas+10005.6%11.25%
R. McIlroy+14003.25%2.9%
J. Rahm +15002.95%2.65%
T. Woods+25005.3%3%

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