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University Signs First Ever Sportsbook Sponsorship Deal

Colorado U

September 08th 2020

Today the University of Colorado announced that they have signed a 5 year deal with PointsBet sportsbook. This is the first ever sponsorship deal between a sportsbooks and a division 1 college team.

The deal will provide the University of Colorado with money in the absence of other forms of income due to the coronavirus pandemic. The most costly result of the virus is the Pac-12 (the conference Colorado is in) cancelling/postponing their football schedule this season. The Pac-12 is one of two “power five” conferences to postpone football in 2020. The other being the Big Ten. Football is moving ahead right on schedule for the Big-12, ACC and the SEC.

CU Athletic Director Rick George said “We’re thrilled to have PointsBet as a partner and for the benefits this sponsorship will provide for our student-athletes for years to come.  We are impressed with their commitment to raising awareness around responsible gaming.  And we’re particularly excited whenever we can partner with sponsors who call Colorado home.”


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