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Spain Imposes Restriction on Online Gambling

Spain resticts gambling companies amidst pandemic

April 02nd 2020

We usually stick to news of states within the U.S.A. but this unusual move by Spain caught our attention and we wanted to share.  Also, with sports suspended and just about anything to do with sports betting legislation in this country suspended as well, we needed something to write about. Its a win win.

Apparently the leadership in Spain is worried about people gambling online during their mandatory quarantine. The emergency legislation restricts when and how gambling companies can advertise within the country.

Essentially the new law is a temporary restriction on the advertising which a gambling company can do. And it extends all the way across any media platform, including social media and Youtube.

The language of the law suggests it will be valid at least until April 12th but may be extended if deemed necessary. Apparently there has been a rise in reported cases of gambling addiction. Official statistics about gambling addiction place European rates at between (0.12–3.4%) of the populace.  For comparison the alcohol addiction rate is claimed to be 9.2 %.

Companies have complied with the order. The Stars Group has ordered all of its affiliates to remove any advertisement from Spain facing websites or at least block that country from being able to view the website.

The Spanish government officially stated “These emergency measures have been taken to protect the “well-being” of citizens, especially the most vulnerable from aggressive online advertising.” source – euroweeklynews.com

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