Louisiana sports betting

Sports Betting Bill Being Put Forward in Louisiana

Sports betting in NOLA?

May 05th 2020

Three sports betting bills are being put forward in the state of Louisiana for consideration on the November ballot in individual parishes. Sports betting is not currently legal in the state.

The idea is to get sports betting up and running by fall 2021. The money generated from sports betting could help the state recover from the Covid-19 shut down.

Senator Cameron Henry said: “We’re just going to pass the referendum bill, see if folks like it and next year, start the process of putting regulations in a bill that we’ll have months to work on rather than days or weeks.”

If the state of Louisiana legalizes the activity, then it is up to parishes individually if they want to allow it. This is actually a hurdle for the overall plans of making sports betting available on mobile devices throughout the state.

“If trying to get someone who is currently betting in an illegal manner to move to a legal framework, we have to provide them with the same access within reason,” Henry said. “That would require giving them the same ease of betting from their phones.

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