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Sports Betting in District of Columbia on Track

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October 18th 2019

There have been all types of hurdles slowing down sports betting in many states and the nation’s capitol is no exception. The powers that be in the district really want sports betting and feel that the public wil benefit from it.

Operators can apply for a sports betting license for their venue. The idea is that most any professional sporting event will have a sports betting option on-site.

Sports bars in the are have also been interested and according to wamu.org the following locations are or interested or have applied:

  • Arucola (5534 Connecticut Avenue NW)
  • The Avenue (5540 Connecticut Avenue NW)
  • Fat Pete’s BBQ (3407 Connecticut Avenue NW)
  • Cleveland Park Bar and Grill (3421 Connecticut Avenue NW)
  • Abunai Poke Restaurant (1920 L Street NW Ste 120)
  • Bliss (2122 24th Place NE)
  • Lyve at U (2001 11th Street NW)
  • Duffy’s Irish Pub (1016 H Street NE)
  • Wet Dog Tavern (2100 Vermont Avenue NW)
  • The Brig (1007 8TH Street SE)
  • Lou’s Bar & Grill (1400 Irving Street NW)
  • Mythology & Lore/Dirty Water (816 H Street NE)

Most recently a hurdle in the form of a lawsuit was put in way. The suit was brought by an app developer that claims the way Washington DC has handled this undertaking has excluded himself and like-minded companies from participating.

Here is an update on this situation:

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