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Sports Betting is Back in Oregon

sports betting launch date for Oregon

August 03rd 2019

Oregon was one of the four states that were exempt from the former legislation that made illegal to bet on sports. They were “grandfathered in”, so to speak. In 2007 sports betting was voluntarily removed by the state leaders. Earlier this year, Oregon announced that they are bringing sports betting back.  But there are some caveats.

Sports wagering will be available through a state mobile betting app called “Scoreboard”.  But, Oregonians will only be able to bet on professional sports. They will not be able to bet on college games.

The Scoreboard app is expected to be working by September 5th, 2019. This also happens to be the day of the first regular season NFL game. The Packers will be taking on the Bears in Chicago. The Bears are favored in that game -3.5 points and the total is 45.5 points.

SBTech was the company that Oregon brought in earlier this year to set up its app. It is believed that the state may allow college sports betting down the line after some time running the professional sports only platform.

It is estimated by the state that this endeavor may bring in about $35M in revenue.

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