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Sports Betting Legality State by State Map

sports betting status united states state by state

August 29th 2019

With college football kicking off tonight, many sports fans in the United States are unsure of the status of sports betting within their state.

A guy wants to put fifty bucks from his hard-earned paycheck on his favorite team and he doesn’t know if he is allowed or not. Freedom.

The good news is that many states are making the move to allow sports betting in some fashion within their state. The ultimate experience, of course, would be if each and every state had multiple mobile betting options.

Some in the industry believe that most states WILL have multiple mobile betting options within five years time. Of course, there will be some hold out states that traditionally limit the freedom of their residents.

This map shows every state within the United States and its current position on sports betting: click to enlarge

states betting status 2019

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