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Sportsbook Receiving a Ton of Action on One Baseball Team

BetMGM ONline

June 24th 2020

It was announced yesterday that MLB wil hold a 60 game season starting next month, to the relief of sports fans and sports bettors everywhere. Now, online and brick-and-mortar sportsbooks can start getting back to business booking sports bets.

Ever since the announcement yesterday, BetMGM has been getting hammered with New York Yankees (+350) bets. I guess many fans and bettors feel this is the year for the pinstripes to make their glorious return.

BetMGM also stated that they have already had sizable bets on the Tampa Bay Rays (+2000), the LA Dodgers (+375) and even the Chicago White Sox (+3500). But the Yankees futures bets have outnumbered them all and its not even close.

The Dodgers started off the day as overall favorites, and have since fallen to the number two spot. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the Yankees became more likely to win the World Series. It simply means the payout is smaller because of the lopsided Yankee action.

A lot of things will change on the odds-board between now and first pitch but you can bet the Yankees will be right there at the top the entire time.

Here are some other baseball odds from BetMGM:

Team to Win the WS:

AL -116
NL -106

Top Teams to Win the WS (not mentioned above)

  • Astros +800
  • Braves +1400
  • Twins +1600
  • Nationals +1600
  • Cubs +2500
  • Indians +2500


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