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Sportsbooks Finally Getting Some Action

Nascar betting returns

May 19th 2020

Its a sign of things moving in the right direction. Sportsbooks in Las Vegas and the State of Nevada reported moderate action on this past weekends sporting events.

The weekend saw NASCAR action as well as UFC and PGA events. Although the handle nor the revenue were outstanding by any measure, the fact that bets were taken and profit was made is a sigh of relief to many in the sports betting business.

Prior to this weekend there was only UFC events, Russian table tennis and Korean Baseball to bet. This has largely driven sports bettors away. Most sports gamblers picture themselves as betting on an edge they have (or think thy have) for a sport they know well. Before this pandemic, virtually nobody in the States watched Russian table tennis or Korean Baseball.

The bettors are expected to return in droves as football is expected to return by this fall.

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