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Super Bowl 54 Odds

Houston odds to win Super Bowl 54

August 13th 2019

The football season is fast approaching. Many sports bettors like to bet Super Bowl futures odds at the start of the season when they feel their particular insight is most valuable. Of course, you can bet Super Bowl Futures odds well into the season but after every game and every week, the odds will change some.

Barring injury or some other catastrophic event, the futures odds won’t change much in the pre-season. Teams are mostly working out their back-up players and trying to fill out their roster with the best players that they can.


Can you find value in betting the Super Bowl Champion Now? Absolutely.
Whether you are an avid fan or close follower of your local pro team, or you are just an NFL fanatic in general, you can use your special insight to bet the futures of a team further down further the list with a heavier payout. After all, its not always the heavy favorites that win the Super Bowl. Both times the NY Giants won under Eli Manning they were relative long-shots (middle of the pack odds). And who could forget the Rams under Kurt Warner? They were near the bottom as far as odds went.

There is value this year for sure. Look at the Houston Texans. They are a multi-faceted team, with a young QB and several very good players in their prime. At +3000, The Texans may be a solid bet. That means that you risk only $100 and win $3000 if they win Super Bowl 54.

Some other teams with value are:
Tennessee Titans +6000
Atlanta Falcons +3000

Here are the Odds to Win Super Bowl 54
odds by Bet Stars Sportsbook

New England Patriots+700
New Orleans Saints+900
Los Angeles Chargers+1400
Philadelphia Eagles+1500
Green Bay Packers+2000
Chicago Bears+2000
Minnesota Vikings+2500
Houston Texans+3000
Baltimore Ravens+3300
Jacksonville Jaguars+4000
Tennessee Titans+6000
New York Jets+7000
Washington Redskins+7500
Oakland Raiders+7500
Buffalo Bills+10000
Cincinnati Bengals+12500
Kansas City Chiefs+800
Los Angeles Rams+1000
Indianapolis Colts+1500
Cleveland Browns+1700
Dallas Cowboys+2000
Pittsburgh Steelers+2200
Seattle Seahawks+2800
Atlanta Falcons+3000
San Francisco 49ers+3500
Carolina Panthers+5000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+6600
Denver Broncos+7000
New York Giants+7500
Detroit Lions+8000
Arizona Cardinals+10000
Miami Dolphins+15000
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