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New Jersey Total Betting Handle Eclipses 6 Billion Dollar Mark

February 12th 2020

Sports betting is legal and regulated in some states and as a result they have detailed reports of action from each and every sportsbook. From June of 2018 until now, New Jersey sportsbooks have taken a total of $6.31B in betting action (handle).  Last month alone, New Jersey booked more than half a billion dollars in wagers. This is a ...

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College Football National Championship Odds

December 17th 2019

The college football playoffs start in a few weeks. You can now bet the team you think will win it all. There is one real long-shot on the list. That is Jalen Hurts's Oklahoma team. Bet 100 bucks on them and win  $1400 The other three teams on the board are within 125 of one another. All three are undefeated ...

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Pennsylvania Sports Betting Report

October 24th 2019

Pennsylvania is currently  one of the bigger legal sports betting markets in the USA. It has plenty of teams, fans and sports bettors. It also borders plenty of states that have their own fans and borders that could drive over to place their legal wager. So, how much action did Pennsylvania based sportsbooks receive in September 2019? $194.5M to be ...

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Indiana Sees $34 Million in Bets First Month

October 15th 2019

The state of Indiana was open for business (as far as sports betting is concerned) all last month and the numbers are in. The state's sportsbooks booked $34.5 million in sports bets which showed a profit of $8.5 million. Of that $8.5 million about $813,000 was given to the state. Not surprisingly, a majority of that 35 million was bet ...

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Updated Odds to Win Super Bowl 54

October 08th 2019

The season is taking some shape now. The Patriots are basically clobbering every team they face. But, they haven't really faced anyone good yet. There are teams that are not mathematically eliminated from post-season but we all know they aren't going. I am speaking about: The Dolphins, The Redskins,  and The Bengals. These teams don't have the capacity or desire ...

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Updated MLB World Series Odds

October 01st 2019

The playoffs start tonight as the Nationals host the Brewers for a one game play-in.  I think a one game play-in is strange since everything about the game of baseball depends on the results of series. A one game play-in seems like a non-baseball thing. Anyway, the odds reflect the regular season pretty well.  Although, I think the Dodgers are ...

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NFL Super Bowl Odds After Week 2

September 21st 2019

The NFL season is only two games in and people feel like they have a perfect read on the season. The strange thing about sports bettors is that they take a tiny sample and decide that is how the entire season will play out. That is one of the many reasons so many sports bettors don't do well long term. ...

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Win 1 Million Dollars from Sugar House Sportsbook New Jersey

September 04th 2019

To make things even more interesting than they are in regards to this up coming NFL season, Sugar House Sportsbook has decided to give away a cool $1 million. The sports bettor who is able to correctly bet every Thursday Night Football game against the spread will get one million dollars tacked on to their winnings. Each must be at ...

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Sports Betting Legality State by State Map

August 29th 2019

With college football kicking off tonight, many sports fans in the United States are unsure of the status of sports betting within their state. A guy wants to put fifty bucks from his hard-earned paycheck on his favorite team and he doesn't know if he is allowed or not. Freedom. The good news is that many states are making the ...

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Indiana NFL Kickoff deadline a Reality

August 21st 2019

A few weeks ago we wrote an article on how Indiana was busting their hump to get sports betting rolled out by the kickoff of NFL football. Today, it appears that goal will be a reality. Two sportsbooks will officially start operations by kickoff. Ameristar Casino East Chicago will be the first casino/sportsbook to flip the switch. That will be ...

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