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Cavaliers’ Donovan Mitchell makes history with fourth consecutive 40-point game in win over Magic

April 06th 2023

The Cavs' Run to the Playoffs and Donovan Mitchell's Role The Cleveland Cavaliers are on the cusp of the playoffs thanks to Donovan Mitchell's spectacular season. This season, the 24-year-old guard has been crucial to the team's success, as he has scored 24.7 points per game while shooting 44.3 percent from the floor, both of which are career highs. Mitchell ...

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BoSox Home Runs Are Up in 2023, But Why?

April 05th 2023

What Factors Are Leading to the Growth in Home Runs in 2023, According to an Analysis? The rise of home runs in 2023 has generated a lot of debate among the baseball community. There are several ideas as to why this is happening, but there are a few important elements that are fueling the increase. Secondly, there's the growth in ...

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College Basketball Odds 2024: Looking Ahead

April 04th 2023

How the Odds Have Changed for College Basketball Teams in 2024 The college basketball landscape has changed drastically since 2024. With the introduction of new rules and regulations, teams have had to adjust their strategies in order to remain competitive. This article will provide an overview of how the odds have changed for college basketball teams in 2024. The most ...

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2023 NCAA Basketball Tournament Schedule

March 13th 2023

The 2023 tournament is upon us with round one beginning on March 16th. The teams have played their respective conference tournaments and although wins in those tournaments can help with seeding in the big tourney, winning your conference tournament is not essential to winning the national championship. In fact, 11 of the past 20 years, the national champion failed to ...

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