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Struggling Max Scherzer allows back-to-back-to-back homers in Mets’ blowout loss to Brewers

April 06th 2023

What the Nationals' struggles without Max Scherzer may mean for their postseason hopes. A big reason why the Washington Nationals have been one of MLB's best teams in recent years is because of star pitcher Max Scherzer and his brilliant outings on the mound. Scherzer's recent pitching struggles, though, might have a major influence on the Nationals' chances of reaching ...

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BoSox Home Runs Are Up in 2023, But Why?

April 05th 2023

What Factors Are Leading to the Growth in Home Runs in 2023, According to an Analysis? The rise of home runs in 2023 has generated a lot of debate among the baseball community. There are several ideas as to why this is happening, but there are a few important elements that are fueling the increase. Secondly, there's the growth in ...

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MLB Early Action Report

July 22nd 2020

Major League baseball opening day is tomorrow in case you didn't know. There will be two games played tomorrow night and then a bunch of games played Friday. The season will be a shortened season of 60 regular season games. Games will be played without fans in attendance in order avoid spreading the coronavirus. There has already been a flurry ...

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Sportsbook Receiving a Ton of Action on One Baseball Team

June 24th 2020

It was announced yesterday that MLB wil hold a 60 game season starting next month, to the relief of sports fans and sports bettors everywhere. Now, online and brick-and-mortar sportsbooks can start getting back to business booking sports bets. Ever since the announcement yesterday, BetMGM has been getting hammered with New York Yankees (+350) bets. I guess many fans and ...

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Sportsbooks Finally Getting Some Action

May 19th 2020

Its a sign of things moving in the right direction. Sportsbooks in Las Vegas and the State of Nevada reported moderate action on this past weekends sporting events. The weekend saw NASCAR action as well as UFC and PGA events. Although the handle nor the revenue were outstanding by any measure, the fact that bets were taken and profit was ...

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Updated MLB World Series Odds

October 01st 2019

The playoffs start tonight as the Nationals host the Brewers for a one game play-in.  I think a one game play-in is strange since everything about the game of baseball depends on the results of series. A one game play-in seems like a non-baseball thing. Anyway, the odds reflect the regular season pretty well.  Although, I think the Dodgers are ...

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College World Series Odds

June 06th 2019

The NCAA College World Series will begin Saturday, June 15th, 2019. It ends Wednesday June 26th. The series is held every year in Omaha Nebraska. It is important to consider the record of each baseball team, ranking as well as difficulty of schedule when handicapping these games. In this year's case the rankings don't match up to the odds. UCLA ...

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