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Bellagio Error Costs them $250K

July 06th 2020

Las Vegas - Nevada Running a sportsbook is fraught with all types of challenges. Getting the right point spreads and odds can be the difference between making or losing a million dollars in a single day. But other seemingly mundane information must be entered into the database so that operations run smoothly. 8 Days ago, Bellagio in Las Vegas posted ...

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Las Vegas Casinos Submit Plan to ReOpen

May 12th 2020

Las Vegas - Nevada - We have seen some industries take a terrible beating from the pandemic, some moreso than others. Arguably one of the most affected industries is the gambling industry and especially that of Las Vegas, which counts of travel, hotels and restaurants as well as casino/sportsbook profits to earn money. After a well publicized and desperate plea ...

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Spain Imposes Restriction on Online Gambling

April 02nd 2020

We usually stick to news of states within the U.S.A. but this unusual move by Spain caught our attention and we wanted to share.  Also, with sports suspended and just about anything to do with sports betting legislation in this country suspended as well, we needed something to write about. Its a win win. Apparently the leadership in Spain is ...

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Indiana Hustling to Get Sports Betting Ready by Football

August 06th 2019

Up to 13 locations will be set to offer sports betting by the time the Colts take on the Chargers on September 8th. Unfortunately for sports betting fans that don't feel like driving to one of those locations, mobile betting won't be available until later in the year. Sportsbooks are finishing up construction on their sports betting lounges at Indiana ...

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