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Colorado Still Moving Forward Legal Sports Betting Despite Pandemic

April 03rd 2020

The Covid-19 outbreak has slowed down the economy as well as many lower level government bodies. The State of Colorado is not deterred, however, and plans to have legal sports betting by May 1st. Many in the sports betting industry think that the virus may peak well before the planned start of football season which also happens to be the ...

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Spain Imposes Restriction on Online Gambling

April 02nd 2020

We usually stick to news of states within the U.S.A. but this unusual move by Spain caught our attention and we wanted to share.  Also, with sports suspended and just about anything to do with sports betting legislation in this country suspended as well, we needed something to write about. Its a win win. Apparently the leadership in Spain is ...

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New Jersey Total Betting Handle Eclipses 6 Billion Dollar Mark

February 12th 2020

Sports betting is legal and regulated in some states and as a result they have detailed reports of action from each and every sportsbook. From June of 2018 until now, New Jersey sportsbooks have taken a total of $6.31B in betting action (handle).  Last month alone, New Jersey booked more than half a billion dollars in wagers. This is a ...

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