Golf betting news

PGA Championship Odds and Action Report

August 05th 2020

Golf ratings and betting action have been very good for sportsbooks this year as much of the world is still on work hiatus. Not only that, but the competition levels and parity among the top golfers is at an apex. The PGA Championship is a golf "major". It begins this week. In this article we will display the current betting ...

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Indiana Sports Betting Takes Major Hit from Pandemic

May 15th 2020

Brand new and burgeoning sports betting state Indiana has reporting their earnings for April and it doesn't looks good. The state saw its overall betting handle (amount in total bets written) drop 64% from March to April. The combined Indiana handle was $26.3M for April, compared to $75M from March. The estimated handle pre-pandemic for April was $165M. The simple ...

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Sportsbooks Looking to Bounce Back from $43B Hit

May 12th 2020

43 billion dollars - That is the amount of money that wasn't bet on sports since the coronavirus shut everything down.  Restaurants, airlines, hotels and casinos/sportsbooks have felt it the most. In Colorado, they sports betting became legal in the meantime. Absent was the fanfare and celebration of inaugural sports betting opening days of the past.  There was no Governor ...

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New Jersey Total Betting Handle Eclipses 6 Billion Dollar Mark

February 12th 2020

Sports betting is legal and regulated in some states and as a result they have detailed reports of action from each and every sportsbook. From June of 2018 until now, New Jersey sportsbooks have taken a total of $6.31B in betting action (handle).  Last month alone, New Jersey booked more than half a billion dollars in wagers. This is a ...

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Notable Futures Bets Placed on Teams Playing in Super Bowl 54

January 30th 2020

Hey, you may have heard, but in case you haven't: The biggest sporting event of the year for Americans is taking place on Sunday. Super Bowl 54 will kickoff at a little after 6 pm Eastern Time. The Kansas City Chiefs are -1 point favorites over the San Francisco 49ers. The total is now up to 55 points. That is ...

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Nevada and New Jersey Lead States in Sports Betting Handle

December 01st 2019

Betting handle is basically the total amount of money wagered in regards to sports betting. It is no surprise that Nevada, where sports betting has been legal for many decades, usually holds the handle record. A few months ago, New Jersey jumped ahead of Nevada in total handle during the "off months". But Nevada has secured its number one overall ...

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Pennsylvania Sports Betting Report

October 24th 2019

Pennsylvania is currently  one of the bigger legal sports betting markets in the USA. It has plenty of teams, fans and sports bettors. It also borders plenty of states that have their own fans and borders that could drive over to place their legal wager. So, how much action did Pennsylvania based sportsbooks receive in September 2019? $194.5M to be ...

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Indiana Sees $34 Million in Bets First Month

October 15th 2019

The state of Indiana was open for business (as far as sports betting is concerned) all last month and the numbers are in. The state's sportsbooks booked $34.5 million in sports bets which showed a profit of $8.5 million. Of that $8.5 million about $813,000 was given to the state. Not surprisingly, a majority of that 35 million was bet ...

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Iowa Books $8.5M in Bets First Month

September 16th 2019

One month ago, on August 15th, 2019 Iowa started allowing sports bets. Since that time, there have been a reported 8.5 million dollars in wagers placed. The State of Iowa is smack dab in the middle of big sports states. And some of the Casinos/sportsbooks are just miles away from hotbeds of sports betting fans. A nine minute drive from ...

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New Jersey Beats Out Nevada in Sports Betting Handle

June 28th 2019

The official sports betting numbers for the month of May were released today. When comparing the reports of New Jersey to that of Las Vegas (Nevada) we see that New Jersey edged out Nevada in total handle, ie. bets taken. $318.9 million in sports bets were placed in New Jersey at legal brick and mortar shops as well as sports ...

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