Rhode Island Sports Betting

Rhode Island Takes Action to Make Sports Betting More Accessible

July 09th 2020

Legislation has been forth this week in the state of Rhode Island that would allow the residents to sign up, deposit and begin wagering online. Currently the law requires bettors to register in-person at one of the Twin River Casino locations. Bill H 8097 looks to remove this roadblock. Rhode Island's sports betting returns have been less than desirable since ...

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Kentucky Tables Sports Betting Ambitions

April 07th 2020

I don't have to explain to you the reason why this has happened, but Kentucky has decided to take on the challenge of getting sports betting legalized next year instead of in 2020.  And nobody can blame them. Residents of the state were very excited about the prospect of sports betting possibly being available by this fall. The state has ...

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Iowa Set to Offer Sports Betting

August 01st 2019

The state of Iowa Racing and Gaming approved sports betting regulations with the target date launch of August 15th.  This will be in plenty of time before football season begins. 18 of the state's 19 gaming locations have been approved for sports wagering. It is believed that these locations will also offer some sort of mobile sports betting service as ...

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Maine Looking to Legalize Sports Betting Today

June 19th 2019

The legislature in Maine is working OT today to approve a measure that would legalize sports betting in the state.There are some caveats to this legalization of course. Betting on in-state teams would not be legal. This is no big deal as Maine has no professional sports and nobody bets on the University of Maine. Approved at limited number of ...

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Montana Entry into Sports Betting Arena Slowed

June 14th 2019

Even though the state of Montana has legalized sports betting, there appears to be no rush to get it going by the start of football season. Officials there have placed the responsibility of managing sports betting under the state lottery division. Officials have publicly said they want to ease into the sports betting arena. They are looking to adopt a ...

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