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XFL Football Week 5 Point Spreads

March 03rd 2020

The XFL is has been a success so far for Vince McMahon, fans and sportsbooks. The sport has showed solid interested and rating through week 4 and sportsbooks have been booking plenty of action on the upstart league. Even though XFL TV ratings have fallen a bit, the game attendance remains relatively solid, usually consisting of a mostly full lowest ...

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Action Report NFL Divisional Playoffs

January 08th 2020

The games are fast approaching. This week will help make much clearer which teams are capable of winning it all. We have found that our readers enjoy seeing what the general public is betting. Whether they are using the information to avoid betting the same way as the public, to bet the opposite of the public, or  just for mere ...

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NFL Pre-Season Week 2 Point Spreads

August 12th 2019

Week 1 is in the books for NFL pre-season 2019. As far as pre-season football goes it was pretty exciting. Some new stars appear to be flashing on the big stage. Miami Dolphins un-drafted rookie WR Preston Williams put on a clinic for Miami fans. He is just one of the rookies looking to have a big year in the ...

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