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Tennessee Sports Betting Delayed

Tennessee sports betting delayed

August 14th 2019

Tennessee is the only state that has passed sports betting via online only. The state has always been very conservative when it comes to gambling in general so the fact that any sports betting legislation was passed at all was seen as a coup for sports bettors.

Initially, the hope was to have an online platform up and running by the kickoff of the NFL season this fall. This way Tennessee Titans fans could make Sunday afternoon that much more exciting by placing a bet on their beloved team. But it looks as if there is a snag in that time table.

The process has taken much longer than anticipated and now it looks like the platform won’t be rolled out until winter 2019-2020 or perhaps as late as Spring 2020.

The state lotto board is expected to appoint a nine member panel which would set forth guidelines for its sports betting operation. As of the time we are writing this very article, about half of the board members have been selected.

Tennessee Lottery spokesperson Kym Gerlock said: “As required by the Tennessee Sports Gaming Act, the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation is working to create the necessary rules and processes required for online sports wagering. There is no timeline at this point, but we will post updates to our website as they are available.”

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