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Updated Odds to Win Super Bowl 54

Brady and Pats favored to win Super Bowl

October 08th 2019

The season is taking some shape now. The Patriots are basically clobbering every team they face. But, they haven’t really faced anyone good yet.

There are teams that are not mathematically eliminated from post-season but we all know they aren’t going. I am speaking about: The Dolphins, The Redskins,  and The Bengals. These teams don’t have the capacity or desire to make the playoffs.

You cans see all teams standings here

After KC lost to the Colts Sunday night, their value dropped. However, their position on the odds chart did not. As lackluster as they were Sunday Night, they are still the team with the best chance to off the Patriots.

The Saints, playing with a backup QB, are still winning football games. This places them squarely in third place. Will they be even better when Brees returns?

New England Patriots+300
Kansas City Chiefs+700
New Orleans Saints+900
Green Bay Packers+1200
Philadelphia Eagles+1200
San Francisco 49ers+1600
Baltimore Ravens+2000
Dallas Cowboys+2000
Los Angeles Rams+2000
Seattle Seahawks+2000
Carolina Panthers+2500
Chicago Bears+2500
Houston Texans+2500
Minnesota Vikings+2500
Cleveland Browns+3300
Detroit Lions+3300
Indianapolis Colts+3300
Buffalo Bills+4000
Los Angeles Chargers+4000
Jacksonville Jaguars+5000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+6600
New York Giants+8000
Tennessee Titans+8000
Atlanta Falcons+10000
Pittsburgh Steelers+10000
Arizona Cardinals+25000
Denver Broncos+25000
New York Jets+100000
Cincinnati Bengals+250000
Miami Dolphins+250000
Washington Redskins+250000

Image from WCVB.com

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