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Vegas Makes Offer to NBA to Finish Season

NBA to finish season in Las Vegas?

May 04th 2020

The NBA season was roaring along when the corona-virus outbreak caused it to come to screeching halt. The season only had about 1/6 of the regular season left to play when this occurred.

Las Vegas has been equally shut down by the pandemic. The city is a ghost town and city officials are desperate to get things going again. One brainstorming session came up with Las Vegas officials offering the NBA a chance to finish the season in Las Vegas under controlled circumstances.

City officials and MGM have offered to put the players up in a quarantined area and have them play out the playoffs. The TV and sportsbook action alone would be a huge draw.

Las Vegas is essentially competing with the City of Orlando and Disney who have made a similar offer. There is no word yet as to whether the NBA plans to accept one of these offers or cancel the season outright. You have to wonder if the players are in shape enough to play in full speed games.

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