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Washington State House Approves Sports Gambling

State of Washington to legalize sports betting

February 18th 2020

There is a bill that would legalize sports betting in the State of Washington making it way to the top and is fully expected to pass as law. The bill would legalize sports betting in the state of Washington.

The drawbacks to the bill are that they would only allow sports betting on tribal lands and that they betting must take place in brick and mortar establishments. In other words No Mobile Sports Betting.

Washington is the latest state to approach legalizing sports betting for its residents. The amount of revenue it creates for the states has made it a hot button topic for lawmakers of just about every state in the Union.

The fact is that industry experts think they will see these states that offer only brick-and-mortar type sports betting eventually amend their law to allow for online betting in the not-too-distant future. This is because in states where sports betting has become very successful, up to 85% of the bets are done so online or with a mobile device.

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